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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Feedback ??

Butcher's paper, white-boards, post it notes, name it we used it!

We made use of 'people', 'spaces' and 'ephemera' to encourage all the participants to take part in this relatively unexplored world of 'The UnConference'.

Feedback has been wonderful and we congratulate all attendees for their enthusiasm in making the day such a success! ....but then we always knew Librarians have never been backward in coming forward!
Leaders and facilitators emerged from a group who pretty much arrived that morning wondering what sort of day awaited them.

Comments like:

"I found the day incredibly beneficial, thankyou all very much for organising everything. There were a couple of web 2.0 questions that I was really hoping to get assistance with (most notably to do with building targeted RSS feeds) and they were answered in great detail from Toby's session and others. I liked the mix of having some pre-planned "hands-on" sessions and those more organic sessions that were developed on the day - it allowed for a balance between some theoretical/strategic discussions and getting to grips with the tools that enable this brave new Library 2.0 world! "

Blogged comments from:
The Connected Librarian
Library Sputnik

This White board asking for comments at the end of the day may have gone unnoticed as the 'bar' opened!
We would love YOUR feedback, please take some time to look at our questions.

How were your expectations met?

What was the most useful takeaway from today?

What did you like about the format today?

Should we hold regular UnConferences? How often?

How could WE have improved today?

Other comments/Feedback?


Blogger Michelle McLean said...

How were my expectations met?
I learnt more about how to practically do some Web 2.0 things in my library and also found out what is happening in other libraries across sectors and across the State.

Most useful takeaway - mashups of RSS feeds - Thanks Toby!

What I liked about the format - that it was set by us and we could choose what we wanted to be part of.

Regular Unconferences? - YES PLEASE! Two to three times a year.

How could it have been improved? It couldn't have, not for me anyway.

5:33 p.m.

Blogger Webgurl said...

I agree with Michelle about the mashups - very practical and interesting. I'm off to play when I get some time.

The only improvement I could think of was to have one room free on the day for sessions that evolved organically throughout the day. Maybe discussions at one session would lead to another topic.

Cheers, webgurl (maryanne)

1:41 p.m.

Blogger Janet S said...

Web 2.0 became "real" for me that day. The unconference gave me the opportunity to see first-hand ways which Web 2.0 can be used for promoting our library service and upskilling staff. It was also good to be part of the energy and vitality coming from this gathering.

The most useful takeaway was the session on the "23 things" and how to implement this type of training with library staff. Thanks to the Yarra Plenty Team. The session on workforce planning and whether professional courses provide the right skill sets for our sector, was a close second. Thanks to Derek for his facilitation.

Format: Flexible, friendly and energising. No time to fall asleep or be bored by another powerpoint presentation!

Frequency: every year for sure or twice a year March and November to keep up the momentum

2:56 p.m.

Blogger Ayisha said...

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7:28 p.m.


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